Black Travel Movement is hosting SailNoir Black Yacht Week in the British Virgin Islands from June 17-24, 2017

The event is based on the concept started by the european vacation group in Croatia call “The Yacht Week”

The concept is simple, get a bunch of beautiful people together for a week long sailing vacation. Many of my friends and BTM members have attended “The Yacht Week”. The general response is that it is great experience but needs more black people and a better sound track. Black Yacht Week will create that experience. The Yacht Week with our people and a better soundtrack.

The itinerary is as follows:

Saturday June 17th – Fly into St Thomas. Check into the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef hotel.

We will host a welcome party at the hotel on the first nights

Sunday June 18th  – Ferry over to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands load the boats and set sail.

There are a series of small islands that make up the BVI. Each day we will sail to a different island.

Each island has something different to offer. Beach bars, spas, restaurants, shopping, sightseeing, and more…

We will typically spend 3-4 hours per day sailing with periodic stops for snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle-boards, jet-skis, parasailing, etc…

The boats are 58 feet long catamaran sailboats. Each boat has 5 sleeping cabins, a beautiful galley kitchen, common area, and decks for sunbathing, lounging, partying.

Each boat will have a captain and crew to sail the boat and a chef. The chef will cook all meals, the crew will serve drinks, and provide a luxury vacation experience.

At night we will moor at one of the islands and debark for a party, nightclub, beach bonfire party, etc… We will sleep on the boats. I have attached pictures of the boats, cabins, galleys, decks, etc…

I am traveling to St Thomas & the BVI in September to book venues and arrange for the evening events. I will post a detailed itinerary on the website.

If the numbers can support it i will bring in a nationally known DJ and a comedian for a comedy show. I am hoping for 15-25 boats (150-250 people)

The all inclusive luxury crewed yacht experience which includes all food and drinks, parties, hotel stay, and transfers is $2950.

All attendees will be responsible for their own airfare to St Thomas  (airport code STT)

I am working on a contract with the start alliance group for discount airfare to St Thomas. I will provide a link to buy tickets once the contract is finalized.